Edenfield C of E Primary School

Class 1 – 2017/18

Learning is fun in Class 1! 

Our teacher is Miss Greenhalgh and our teaching assistant is Mrs Porter.

Summer term – The Great Outdoors and Robots

The final summer term is upon us and we are currently studying the theme ‘The Great Outdoors’.

This particular theme focuses on the subjects; geography, science and design technology.

In science, we have been investigating different materials and their properties. We have conducted experiments, made predictions about what might happen and written up results and evaluations. During one of our investigations, we were asked to create a bridge strong enough to hold heavy items. The equipment we were provided with included: two pieces of green card and four large books. Some of the bridges we created held seventy cubes!

In geography, we are developing our fieldwork and orienteering skills. We have been following maps and also creating our own maps. We particularly enjoyed creating our own ‘donut maps’. We drew Edenfield School in the centre then drew geographical features around the school getting further and further away in each ‘donut ring’. This helped up to understand distance better and visualise which landmarks and places are near or far away. We also followed a map of the school and searched for items with our carpet partners, we were very enthusiastic about this activity. We used ‘Digimaps for Schools’ online to search for Edenfield School on a real map; we used the zoom feature to get closer to school and examine the landscape surrounding it.

During design and technology, with Mrs Ashworth, we have been designing, creating and evaluating our very own parks!  We have made a swing and a see-saw, all from straws, pipe cleaners and card.

Our unit of work in RE this half term has been ‘Baptism’ and we have loved learning all about this special celebration. We have experienced and witnessed a ‘pretend baptism’ at Edenfield Parish Church with Miss Thomas; she showed us lots of equipment which is used during the service. The font was opened up by Millie Smith and we baptised ‘baby Jack’ with the holy water. Please see the  photographs below.

Our theme next half term will be ‘Robots’ where we will learn all about the ‘human body’ in science and enjoy songs and rhythm during music lessons.  We will also be enjoying a special science week all about Exploration and Discovery in May.

We can’t believe Year 1 is nearly over!


















Spring term – Family Album and Growth and Green Fingers

During the spring term, we studied the themes ‘Family Album’ and ‘Growth and Green Finger’. We completing a range of activities history, geography, music, art and design and science.

In geography we looked the United Kingdom and its countries and capital cities. In history, we looked back in the past to the last 6 years and events which have happened within this time. We studied the life cycle of a human and develop our knowledge and understanding of how a human changes from a baby into a fully grown adult.

In art and design with Mrs Ashworth, we produced our very own self-portraits. We enjoyed learning how to draw the features correctly and had our picture taken with the end product to compare it to the real thing.

In science, we studied plants and trees in detail and even went on an educational trip to Delamere Forest. During our trip, our ranger Nicola showed us lots of different trees and plants and spoke to us in detail about these. She told us lots of facts about survival and how many days and hours you can go without food, shelter or drink. We even built our very own shelters from sticks and the forest floor! It was amazing.

Autumn Term – Fire! Fire!

During the second half of the autumn term, we have been learning all about The Great Fire of London. We now know that the fire happened back in September 1666 and started in a bakery on Pudding Lane. The fire lasted for 4 days and 4 nights.

Miss Greenhalgh showed us what life was like through video clips and images and we compared these to what life is like today. We know that they did not have fire engines in 1666 and that they used buckets of water to try and put the fire out. A man, named Samuel Pepys, wrote a diary all about the events of the fire in special writing so nobody could read it.

We really enjoyed our historical trip to Staircase House where we experienced the great fire first hand. We dressed up as maids and soldiers and made our way through the house of Samuel Pepys. We made fire marks, which were displayed on front doors, and wattle and daub, which is what the houses were made out of, back in 1666.

Have a look in the ‘gallery’ section of the website to browse through our photographs from the trip.

In Music, we sang ‘London’s Burning’ in a variety of different ways. We changed the tempo, dynamics and pitch to make the song sound much different every time we sung it. We performed this for each class in school and everybody loved it!

During our design technology lessons with Mrs Ashworth, we made moving mechanisms and linked these to the Great Fire of London. We made pop up fires and moving fires and evaluated our work saying what we liked about our moving mechanism and what we would change if we were to make one again.

Class 1 Curriculum Map 2017-2018

Class 1 Welcome letter Summer Term 2018

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