Edenfield C of E Primary School

Class 3 – 2017/18

Welcome to Class 3!

Our teacher is Mr Cartridge and our teaching assistant is Mrs Murphy. Please have a look at our termly newsletter, this can be found at the bottom of this page.

Summer Term

Our first topic of the term is called ‘What the Romans did for us’. We will be focusing on the Roman Empire and learning about their invasion of Britain as well as some of the art they created. We will be visiting the Grosvenor museum in Chester as part of this topic to meet some Roman soldiers and view some Roman artefacts!

Our first English topic will be all about play scripts. We will be reading a variety of play scripts and will be investigating the different features that are used to create them. We will then begin to generate ideas for our own play scripts before acting them out!

In Maths, we will be developing our addition and subtraction skills whilst looking at measurements during the first couple of weeks of the term. The children will think about place value as they use numbers with decimal places and convert between different types of measurements.  We will then be investigating the properties 2D and 3D shapes as well as making some of our own shapes out of modelling materials.

In Science, we will be learning about plants and thinking about what they need to grow. We will be planting seeds in different conditions and will be observing how this affects growth.  As the term progresses, we will also be observing how our school changes as plants begin to grow and flower outside.

Our computing topic focuses on networks and communication. We will be thinking about how we can communicate with others online and how a blog works. This will be combined with our continuing work on e-safety as we think about how we can stay safe when communicating online.













Spring Term

We have lots of interesting topics planned for the Spring term and lots to learn over the next ten weeks!

Our first topic of the term is called ‘Rock and Roll’.  We will be focusing on volcanoes and earthquakes in our Geography lessons whilst in History, our work will be about the stone age in Britain as we look at the early civilizations of our country.  In Science, we will be investigating different types of rocks and their properties. As part of this topic we will be visiting Manchester museum at the end of January to learn more about the stone age.

In English we will be focusing on the book ’Stig of the Dump’.  We will be using this story to help generate ideas for our own adventure stories. Later in the term, we will be learning about discussions and will be thinking about how we can create an effective debate.

Over the first few weeks in Maths we will be learning about fractions and using continuing to work on our multiplication skills. As the term progresses, we will be Investigating how to use statistics as well as learning about position and direction.

Our Computing topic is all about digital research. We will be thinking about how we can find information online and how we can do this safely. This will link to our current topic as we research different volcanoes around the world.

In Religious Education, we will be learning about rules and laws with a focus on the Ten Commandments.. We will be thinking about how laws influence our lives and the different rules we follow. As we approach Easter, we will be thinking about the rules that Jesus taught us and how we can follow them.

Autumn Term

During the first half term, our theme is ‘There’s no place like home’. We have been looking at maps of the UK to identify some of the different cities and we have looked at maps of Edenfield to discover the features of our village. We are now starting to look at what Edenfield used to be like 50 years ago and we will be comparing it to the present day. We have also been thinking about our local area in our Computing topic all about images and videos. In our Computing lesson, we will be taking photographs of the different parts of our school before uploading them on to the computer. We will be using these pictures to create our own animation over the next few weeks.

In Science, we are learning about light and shadows. We have been thinking about different light sources and how light travels from them. We will be investigating different materials to understand if light can travel through any of them and how shadows are formed.

In English, we have been learning all about folk tales during the first few weeks of the half term. We have read lots of different folk tales such as ‘The tin forest’ and ‘The old lady who lived in a vinegar bottle’. We have been using the themes from the different stories to generate ideas for our own folk tales. We are looking forward to writing them now and creating some magical settings! Our next topic in English will be all about biographies and we are looking forward to learning about lots of new people.

Our Maths topics over the first few weeks have revolved around place value. We have been learning about how to partition numbers and thinking about the value of each digit. We have used this knowledge to help develop our mental calculation skills and we have been adding and subtracting numbers up to three digits long. We will now be moving on to our next topic of shape, in which we will be thinking about the different properties of shapes and how we can describe them.

In RE, we are learning all about Harvest. We are thinking about why Harvest is important to us and what happens during our services in Church. We will also be investigating how other countries celebrate Harvest and what this time means to them.

We have been learning French for the first time this year and we are really enjoying it so far! We have learnt the numbers up to ten and we are able to introduce ourselves. We have also started to learn the different colours in French.

Each Friday afternoon we will be learning the guitar in our Music lesson. We had our first lesson last week and we really enjoyed it!

Class 3 Spring Newsletter 2018

Class 3 Curriculum Map 2017-2018

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