Edenfield C of E Primary School

Class 4 – 2017/18

Welcome to Class Four with Miss Jenkins and Mrs Ashworth!

Summer Term

Our theme last half term was ‘Water, Water Everywhere’ and we have been learning all about rivers in geography. To help us remember the different features of rivers, we have written a song to the tune of ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It.’ We really enjoyed doing this and we have also created actions!

In history, we looked at how the Ancient Egyptians used to communicate through the use of hieroglyphs. After writing secret messages to each other, we were given a project to create over half term. Here are some pictures of the papyrus and hieroglyphs we have created!

To link with this theme, we travelled to the East Lancashire Railway in Bury where we boarded a steam train! As we arrived in Irwell Vale, we disembarked the train and began our river walk down to Rawtenstall. Although it was very cold and extremely muddy, we really enjoyed learning about the different features of the River Irwell and hearing all about the history of our local area. After walking for three miles, we got back onto the steam train in Rawtenstall and returned back to school. We all had so much fun!

Here is what we thought:

Ethan – ‘I liked when we were riding on the train and I could see steam from the front.’

Bella – ‘I liked when I got to learn about different things about the river and walking in the mud!’

Amelia – ‘I liked walking in the mud because it was really fun!’

Imogen – ‘I liked the part where we went in the museum and made the clogs work.’

This half term, our theme is ‘Passport to Europe.’ We will be looking at Normandy, a region in France, and comparing it to where we live in Edenfield and surrounding areas. We are going to link this topic to our English lessons and will create a non-chronological report all about the region.

In design and technology with Mrs Higgins, we will also be making our very own passport holders for when we go on our holidays! Keep watching this page for updates and images!

Spring Term

Our theme last half term was ‘The Great Plague’ and we have been learning such a lot in history! Firstly, Miss Jenkins showed us some old wood and we had to work out what it was and where it came from. It was really important to wear white gloves so we did not ruin the artefacts! We have also been learning about the symptoms of the plague and why it spread so quickly.

To link with the theme ‘The Great Plague’, we went to Longley Lane Waste Education Centre in Manchester. Whilst we were there, we participated in different activities and then went on a tour around the machinery. We learnt about how the machine separates our waste and how this can be recycled. After this, we had a craft afternoon and used recycled paper and wallpaper to make gift bags. We all really enjoyed the trip and learnt so much about how to care for our world!

Our theme this half term is ‘The Art of Food’ and we will be learning all about leading a healthy lifestyle and how to keep our teeth clean and healthy. In science, we will be focusing on the different types of teeth, their functions and how different animals have different types of teeth based on their diet.

On Thursday mornings, a lady from ‘Up and Active’ will be coming in to teach us the importance of being healthy. This will include: learning about the heart; healthy eating; mental and social well-being; and different ways to keep active. Linking to a healthy lifestyle, we will be creating still life drawings in art.

Autumn Term

We are very excited to start the new school year and we are looking forward to all of the interesting topics we are going to be learning about.

The first theme is ‘Sparks Might Fly’. The focus of this theme will be science and music. In the second half term, the theme will be ‘The Great Plague’.  This theme will focus on history and geography.

English lessons, in the first half term, will include studying different play scripts, explanations and fantasy stories. The children will write their own play scripts; novels based on a model; and complete oral explanations linked to the theme. In the second half term, the children will be looking at fairy tales, recounts (newspaper articles) and narrative poetry.

During science lessons, in the first half term, the children will be learning all about electricity. They will learn all about the dangers of electricity and circuits. In the second half term, the children will be studying sound. This will include learning about the different functions of the human ear; vibrations caused by sound; how sound travels; and different ways of making sound.

The children will also be visiting the Manchester Recycling Centre in November as part of the theme, ‘The Great Plague’.

As well as going swimming on Thursday morning, Class Four will be focusing on gymnastics in PE.

Please see below for our termly newsletter and curriculum map.

There is so much going on this term in Class Four!

Autumn Termly Letter 2017

Curriculum Map 2017


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