Edenfield C of E Primary School

Class 2

We are Class 2! Our teacher is Miss Greenhalgh and our teaching assistants are Miss Halliwell and Mrs Blake.

Spring Term

Our main themes this spring term are ‘Wind in the Willows (spring 1) and ‘Africa’ (spring 2).  During ‘Wind in the Willows’ theme, we will be focusing on science, geography, design technology and music. In science, we will be looking closely at animals and their habitats and how they adapt to these habitats.

We will be watching different weather reports and creating our own weather symbols during geography lessons.  We are excited to become weather presenters and present weather reports to the rest of the class showing the changing weather in the UK.

In design technology, we will be researching, designing, creating and evaluating hand puppets of different characters from Wind in the Willows with Miss Harris.

Our music lessons will also be based around a chapter within Wind in the Willows, where Mole goes into the Wild Wood alone one night. We will create a soundscape to match the sounds that Mole hears through the forest.

Our English units of work include ‘animal adventure stories’ where we will write our own versions of Wind in the Willows as well as letters from the characters.

In ‘Africa’, we will focus on the subjects science, geography, music and art and design. During our science lessons, we will study plants and growth, plant our own plants, observe these and hopefully watch them grow!

Geography lessons will include studying the continent of Africa, focusing on an African village and the way of life. We will make notes of the different geographical features we discover and investigate what the weather is like compared to the UK.

We will continue to follow the Primary Framework for maths and cover: number and place value, mass, multiplication and division and addition and subtraction.

We have more exciting educational trips planned for this year including: Chester Zoo on Tuesday 31st March which links to our ‘Africa’ theme and ‘Blackpool Tower and Circus’ which links to our ‘Buckets and Spades’ theme in the summer term.

Please see the links below to view our curriculum map and spring term welcome letter with additional information you may need.

Autumn Term

We love using our new classroom and getting to know the new rules and routines of life in Year 2. Our main themes this autumn term are ‘Mills, Lancashire Mills’ (autumn 1) and ‘Plastic Fantastic’ (autumn 2). We are very excited for these themes and are looking forward to the wide range of activities that Miss Greenhalgh has planned for us.

During ‘Mills, Lancashire Mills’, we will look closely at our local county of Lancashire and the mill industry. This theme focuses on geography, history and music. In geography, we will look at different maps (digital and paper) and locate Lancashire using these. We will look at where it is located in England and its surrounding counties. During history lessons, we will look at the history of Lancashire and its working cotton mills back in the 1800s. The children will experience life in a real life working mill when we visit Quarry Bank Mill in October. The children will learn about how cotton was made, where cotton comes from and what life was like for the children working in the mills for over thirteen hours a day. In music, we will look at different sounds and musical vocabulary and expand our knowledge of rhythm.

Our English units of work include: ‘stories with familiar settings’ where we will read ‘Katie Morag Delivers the Mail’; ‘non-chronological reports’ based on the information found out about Lancashire cotton mills; and ‘Poems on a Theme’ where we will read, perform and discuss different school poems including ‘Please Mrs Butler’.

We will continue to follow the Primary Framework for maths and cover: number and place value; addition and subtraction; 2D and 3D shapes; and multiplication and division.

We have many exciting educational trips planned for this coming year including: Quarry Bank Mill which links with our ‘Mills, Lancashire Mills’ theme (autumn 1); ‘Blackpool Tower and Circus which links with our ‘Buckets and Spades’ theme (spring 2); and ‘Chester Zoo’ which links with our theme of ‘Africa’ (summer 2)

Please see the links below to view our curriculum map and autumn term welcome letter which contains further information you may need.

Class 2 Curriculum Map 2019-2020

Class 2 Welcome letter Autumn Term 2019

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