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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3! Our teacher is Mr Cartridge and our teaching assistant is Miss Booth. Please have a look at our termly newsletter to find out a little more about our class routines and events for the coming term. This can be found at the bottom of the page.

Spring Term

We have lots of interesting topics planned for the spring term and lots to learn!

Our first topic of the term is called ‘Iron Man’. In English, we will be reading ‘The Iron Man’ by Ted Hughes. We will be analysing different aspects of the story before creating our own version of one of the chapters.

Our topic work will revolve around our novel in English and will include work in design technology and music. We will be creating our own books about the Iron Man that involve moving parts and pop up characters. We will also be creating a piece of music to be used in an Iron Man film.

In maths, we will be beginning by developing our knowledge of addition and subtraction using mental methods. We will then move on to fractions as we learn how to find fractions of numbers and objects.

We will be investigating forces in science, over the next half term.  We will begin by looking at magnets and testing different materials.  Next, we will move onto investigating gravity and friction. The children will be developing their investigation skills during the topic as they make their own predictions and conclusions.

In religious education, we will be learning about rules and laws with a focus on the Ten Commandments.  We will be thinking about how laws influence our lives and the different rules we follow. As we approach Easter, we will be thinking about the rules that Jesus taught us and how we can follow these.

In PE, we will be focusing on gymnastics as we learn how to create our own sequences using balances, rolls and jumps. As always, we will also be developing our fitness and skills through a variety of games during the Spring Term,

As we move into the second half of the term, our topic will be called ‘What the Romans did for us’. This will involve a trip to Chester to visit the Roman museum and Amphitheatre.

Autumn Term

We are really looking forward to the year ahead and all of the interesting topics we will be covering in Year 3! Our first topic is called ‘Healthy Humans’ and we will be thinking about the different types of food we need to eat to stay healthy. In science, we will be learning about the different food groups and thinking about how they affect our body. We will then be making our own healthy snacks in our design technology lessons.

In our computing lesson, we will be thinking about images. We will be using different images to help create presentations about healthy eating and will think about how we can edit and change images on a computer.

In English, we are learning all about folk tales during the first few weeks of the half term. We will be reading lots of different folk tales such as ‘The Tin Forest’ and ‘The Old Lady’ who Lived in a Vinegar Bottle’. We will be discussing the different characters in these stories and looking for similar themes. We will be using the ideas from the different stories to generate ideas for our own folk tales. We are looking forward to writing these and creating some magical settings! Our second topic, in English, will be all about biographies and we are looking forward to learning about lots of new and interesting people to write about.

Our maths topics over the first few weeks revolve around place value. We will be learning about how to partition numbers and thinking about the value of each digit. This will help us to create important learning blocks that we will build on throughout the year. We will use this knowledge to help develop our mental calculation skills and we will add and subtract numbers up to three digits long. We will then be moving on to our next topic of shape, in which we will be thinking about the different properties of shapes and how we can describe them.

In RE, we are learning all about Harvest during the first half term. We will be thinking about why Harvest is important to us and what happens during our services in Church. We will also be investigating how other countries celebrate Harvest and what this time means to them.

We are learning French for the first time this year and we are really excited about learning a new language! We will be learning the numbers up to ten and how to introduce ourselves. We will then start to learn the different colours in French.

Each Friday afternoon we will be learning the guitar in our music lesson with Mr Webb.

Our trip this term, will take place in December when we visit Southport Eco Centre to learn about the stone age.


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