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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4

Mrs Hartley is the class teacher and Mrs Murphy is the teaching assistant


Spring Term

Highlights of last term in Class 4:

  • Trip to Catalyst discovery centre
  • History week
  • Use of the outdoor woodland area to enhance learning in different subjects
  • Bright Sparks Electricity Day
  • Making of circuit boards and electrical games in DT

Please look at the class page or the gallery for photographs of the trips, electricity day and History Week.

This half term our main theme is ‘The Art of Food’ which is largely about teeth and the digestive system (science is the lead subject). Individual subjects such as art, music, computing and geography are delivered within the theme.  This half term we will also be focusing on art and design (developing drawing and painting of still life into 3D sculpture).

Next half term, our main theme is ‘Passport to Europe’ which is a geography led theme. We will be looking at the Tetras Mountains in Poland as a contrasting region in a European country. Our other lead subjects next half term are design technology (textiles) and music (listening to music from other cultures and how music is produced in different ways).

In English we will start the term learning about adverts including persuasion and studying a novel which includes issues or dilemmas. In the second half term, we will be using a novel as a theme and writing our own stories based on a specific plot structure.  We will also be writing a non-chronological report.

We will be vising the Lowry Museum on Thursday 30th January to support our artist study on LS Lowry. On the same day, we will be taking part in a CBBC Interactive tour as we are studying adverts and the world of television in English lessons.

In Maths, we will be covering  the four number operations of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. We will be learning about place value, fractions, position and direction, area and money.

We will be looking at Christianity and the Easter Story (including Lent) in RE, as well as sacred places which includes non-Christian faiths.

The children will also be following a structured French programme which, in Year 4, will include describing our appearance as well as animals and their habitats.

The children will be learning about graphics and images as well as modelling and simulation in computing. In the second half term, they will focus on multimedia and sound as well as an ongoing focus on e-safety.

Our website is continually changing so please feel free to look up Class 4 to see what we have been doing once we get further into the term.

We will also be having an RE theme week during the week beginning 3rd February when the children will study one world  religion in detail. Class 4 will be studying Judaism. The study will involve lots of practical activities such as food tasting, drama, art and use of artefacts.

Autumn Term

What are we studying?

This term, our main themes are ‘Sparks Might Fly’ (links to electricity – a science led theme) and ‘The Great Plague’ (a history led theme). The curriculum is designed so that individual subjects such as geography, music, art, DT, computing and history are delivered within the theme. Over the course of the year, all key learning is covered.

In English, we started the term writing explanation texts about different machines that we invented. We had to use a range of subordinating conjuctions to help us order our instructions for how each machine worked.

In mathematics, we will be covering ordering and place value as well as the four number operations of multiplication, division, subtraction and addition. We will also be looking at shape, length, area and data handling including pictograms and charts.

Please remember to learn ALL of your times tables by the end of year 4.

I suggest learning them in this order – 2x, 5x, 10x, 3x, 6x, 4x, 8x, 7x, 9x, 11x, 12x.

In RE, the Christianity based units are ‘The Church’ and ‘Proverbs’.  ‘Christmas’ will include Christianity and other non-Christian faiths.

I will teach one PE session each week whilst swimming is taking place so your child will need their PE kit in school each Monday.  An outdoor and indoor PE kit will be required. Remember to include a waterproof jacket, spare socks and a towel.

Y4 will take part in swimming lessons up to and including Thursday 12th December.

In computing, the children will be working with Mrs.Higgins and looking at ICT and electrical systems such as control and electrical components.

In science, we will be studying electrical circuits and sound. In art, we will be focusing on drawing, printmaking and rotating images. Music will involve creating musical ideas and link to electronic sound sources. Geography, the children will learn about rubbish and recycling and complete an environmental study.

Our website is continually changing, so please feel free to look up Class 4 to see what we have been doing once we get further into the term.

The ‘Bright Sparks Electricity Day’ was on Friday 13th September.  The children took part in electrical circuit making sessions including:  finding faults in circuits; learning about parallel and series circuits; and following the journey of electricity distribution from power station to home.

In October Class 4 went on a trip to Catalyst. Please click here to enjoy some photographs from the day.


Class 4 Autumn Term Letter 2019

Curriculum Map 2019-20 Class 4



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