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Welcome to Class Reception

Our teacher is Mrs Hope and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Butterworth and Miss Ward.

What we have been up to!

wc 11th September 2017

I am pleased to report that all the children have settled into life in Class Reception with enthusiasm.  They have listened carefully during ‘Carpet Time’ and played co-operatively with all of their new friends.  Mrs Butterworth and I have been extremely impressed with their super knowledge on a range of subjects from mathematics, to monsters, baking and superheroes!  We simply can’t wait for next week’s hot topics!

















On Tuesday, The children took part in a ‘Classroom Hunt’ that involved seeking out different learning areas and finding out how these can be used.

They enjoyed listening to a story about ‘The Meanies’ who went to school and made a big mess!  The boys and girls agreed that they would not be like ‘The Meanies’ and would keep their classroom tidy!

Everybody has been working very hard to write their name for our ‘Writing Wall’.  All the children were able to find their special name card and hold their pencil carefully to attempt to write their name.  All the grown-ups were very impressed!

We have shared a variety of stories over the course of the week, including ‘Cave Baby’, ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’ and ‘Owl Babies’.  We discussed how in the Owl Babies story, Mummy Owl went away hunting, but came back just like the grown-ups who had dropped them off at school.

During ‘Activity Time’ this week, everyone has made a fantastic ‘Super Hero’ mask to wear in our ‘Super Hero Den’.  The children enjoyed selecting art resources to make an original design.  They all did a great job and there have been sightings of many mask wearing super heroes saving the day all over Class Reception!

Outdoor Clothing

Children are expected to play outside during playtimes and lunch times.  Sometimes the weather can deteriorate over the course of a morning and so children need to bring a coat to school each day, regardless of the weather!

Please ensure that all items of clothing that your child brings to school are clearly labelled.  During their time in Class Reception, your child will be participating in outdoor play all year round.  As mentioned earlier in the week, to participate in all outdoor activities, your child will need to have wellies and waterproofs (separate to their school coat) in school.  The waterproofs can either be a jacket and waterproof trousers or a full body waterproof suit.  Any spare socks would also be appreciated for our special sock box. Children sometimes get wet feet even when wearing their wellies and a pair of dry socks makes their little feet feel much better!  Thank you for all the waterproofs and wellies that have already arrived in school.


We will be running an ‘Open Classroom’ system until half term.  If you wish to engage in activities with your child during the fifteen minutes before the start of the school day, please feel free to enter the classroom through the conservatory doors at quarter to nine when the gate is unlocked.  Please note that the ‘Open Classroom’ sessions are provided for you to access the learning environment with your child.  For safety reasons, all adults are asked to remain with their children until the bell is rung at nine o’ clock.  If you do not wish to use the ‘Open Classroom’ facility, please accompany your child to the top yard where they will line up and come into school at nine o’clock.

The children have access to drinking water throughout the day and are provided with fruit in addition to their lunch time meal.  Please do not send any extra drinks or snacks into school as these often cause upset between children and can easily be misplaced.


Your child should have brought home their ‘Learning Diary’.  This is a special book that you can use to help you keep up to date with what your child is learning at school.  Please feel free to add activities that you have undertaken at home to the diary.  As we finish assessing the children, we will write targets in the back of their ‘Learning Diary’ so that you and the practitioners in school are aware of your child’s next steps.  Learning diaries should be brought to school each day so that information and activities can be added where appropriate.

I have also sent home some special ‘Wow’ Super Heroes.  Please use these to share anything that your child has achieved at home.  It might be that they have tidied up their bedroom or done some super swimming.  Please cut out the ‘Hero’ and write your child’s name with their achievement onto the front of  it so that we can celebrate their achievement during our ‘Chatter Time’ sessions.

Next week, your child will receive their first reading book.  Initially, every child will be given a book with no words.  This is to assess how well the children are able to use their communication and language skills to tell a story.

If you have any questions or worries about any of the above, please do not hesitate to ask.  There is a lot to take in during the first few weeks at school!


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