Edenfield C of E Primary School

Interfaith Week 2016

During Interfaith Week, each class studied a specific World Faith and completed a wide range of projects ranging from, making and installing stained glass windows, visiting the Manchester Judaism Museum, preparing and sharing food, and learning dance routines.

We welcomed visitors from the Burnley and Pendle Faith Centre.  Kash spent the day with Class 2 sharing her beliefs and customs as a Sikh.  Anwar spoke to Class 3 about his life as a Muslim and Mrs Chauhan spent a morning with Class 4 teaching them all about the Hindu Faith.

We hope you enjoy the photographs which provide a small insight into the week.  Above all, the week has reminded us that we live in a diverse community and that we should accept and respect the differences that make all of us special.

IMG_0324 IMG_0325

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